Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Definition of Permaculture

I first heard the word “permaculture” in 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during my junior year in college. The co-originator of the concept, Bill Mollison, was coming to Santa Fe to be a part of an Earth Day festivity, and there were flyers around town with compelling line drawings that caught my attention. The […]

How to Remove Wall-Paper (and fix Drywall)

Wallpaper removal is one of the many small opportunities that new homeowners have. The wallpaper these new homeowners had varied from a Rose Wallpaper that someone took a lot of care to paste on a wall, as trim, even on the light switches, to another wall, that had 3 different layers of wallpaper, and then […]

Introducing the Happy Handyman!

Today I would like to introduce my father, the Happy Handyman, who will be contributing posts over the next several weeks. He’s married to the Joyful Retiree, who also happens to be my mother, and they are both retired and staying with us here at Greening Gumview. For more on their current life check out […]

Air Filtration for Health and Happiness

We need air filtration! Sanding the floor, sanding drywall, sweeping everything, dust is the remodelers constant companion. Old houses have an infinite supply of dust, it’s like flaking off skin or something. We’re waking up with stuffy noses most mornings, our sinuses and lungs are acting as the primary filtration units in the house right […]

Watch and Save with the PowerCost Monitor

Today I found something I have been searching for for months: a tool to help monitor minute-to-minute energy use, from inside the house. Yes! The tool is known as the PowerCost Monitor and can be found here and here. Apparently easy to install, a detection unit goes on your utility meter which transmits a wireless signal to the […]

Property Inspections

Inspections were completed on Friday and we received the reports on Monday and Tuesday. Three slightly overlapping inspections were done: an FHA appraisal, a comprehensive home inspection, and a bug and pest inspection. The FHA appraiser we never met, we only saw their report. The bug and pest inspection was done by Martin Rodriquez from […]

Keeping bees and top bar beehives

One thing we are excited to do is keep bees on our fledgling Super Green Gumview homestead. My grandfather was a beekeeper, and I still have a couple of the hives and equipment that my grandfather used. When I lived in Santa Fe I had numerous top bar beehives, and I am excited to get […]

Hello World! Welcome to Greening Gumview

This is our record of our adventures planting and building and learning and documenting our new property. Much more to come soon. Thanks for coming along!