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Thinking about Trim

Doug Fir (Knotty)

Doug Fir (Knotty)

Cx and I went shopping several months ago to look for trim, and decided that Doug Fir is beautiful, with a tight vertical grain and a gorgeous reddish color akin to cedar; and it is not as expensive as some other tight grain varieties. It is also, we have discovered, a native of the United States, which likely means its forests tend to be better ecologically, and many of the forests it inhabits have been managed since 1912, and are mostly from the Northwest region – probably as local as we are going to get, unless we go with oak, which I don’t particularly like.

There is a great article about doug fir here.

Of course, we will also be looking for a supplier that is FSC certified; I don’t know yet if we will go with a local supplier, or try to find something less expensive online.  Mt. Storm seems to be the best supplier locally – they have all sorts of interesting FSC – certified lumbers and plywood.

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