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Preserve your food easily and deliciously!

I have been reading the Four Seasons Gardening book – by a couple of gardeners who live in Maine, and have been determined to raise fresh food for all four seasons – in Maine! They went to France (same latitude, if you can believe it) and learned how they grown veggies in the winter; they built “cold frames”, which create mini-sun rooms for their plants. But they are also a big fan of Dehydration as a route to having delicious food. They note that canning decreases nutrients, is EXTREMELY labor and resource intensive, etc. Which brings me to my topic – how I LOVE dehydration!

We just bought the Excalibur, which Cx did a lot of research on, and liked because of the fanning (horizontal, not vertical) the size (9 great big layers), that it is square (offers more space,) and for its adjustable thermometer and timer, key for precise drying.

We have been drying for our first round, and have several pounds of fantastic cherry tomatoes, and a bunch of dried pears. They are amazing. Irresistable in fact.

Big thumbs up on the Excalibur Dehydrator. I won’t give up canning entirely (not quite anyother way to do large quantities of apple butter) but I have a feeling much more will be devoted.
Excalibur Dehydrator

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5 comments to Preserve your food easily and deliciously!

  • Whoa – I like the bottom line: cherry tomatoes and pears! Less labor is also a good bottom line. Thanks for clueing us in to this great dehydrator.

  • Jay

    Great post. I love inventions that work and do what they say they will do. My mouth is watering and I can’t wait to get there and sample the end product WHOW.


  • They are delicious… its always fun to have a lot of something like that, and then to find new recipes!

  • cxpeck

    You’ll have to hurry if you want any dried pears, they are going quick …

  • Jay

    In relation to Greening Gumview do you have a list of the projects proposed to be completed in the next six months and year? You know when you write down your goals they are more apt to be completed. Writing down gives legitimacy to the things you talk about instead of being hot air.

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