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How to Get Rid of that Ancient Refrigerator

Don’t you wish you had a live in handyman that could do some small and large jobs? He is here helping to Green Gumview, a newly purchased home in Windsor CA. I started physical work October 6th, a month after they bought the house on September 17, 2008.

The months before the owners have both been reading and investigating many of the available options that would meet their needs and help green the new home. There are many things that you would not know to do with out some help from your friends.

First on our list: How do you get rid of an old double door avocado refrigerator so you can buy a highly efficient refrigerator that is also great to look at?

PG&E has a program that allows you to get money {35 Dollars} and they will come out, disable the dinosaur and take it away. There are a few things that you need to be aware of.

  1. If you are in California, Call PG&E [800-277-2600] and set up an appointment for them to pick up this dinosaur refrigerator. In other states, check with your town, waste management company, and/or utilities to find out how to recycle your old fridge.
  2. You are on their schedule so be patient. You might have to call back.
  3. The money is also on their schedule – but the owners received it back fairly quickly. $35 – that’s almost enough to pay for delivery of the new refrigerator!
  4. When they arrive, they will need the refrigerator easily accessible. Then they will proceed to completely strip it, ensuring that no one ever, ever uses this dinosaur for its original purpose ever again.

Who knew?

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