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To Fumigate or Not To Fumigate? Part 2

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Since my last post on this, we have had further advice on dealing with termites at our house. One important idea – termite eradications are only guaranteed for 2 years. So, working with the conditions that create habitat for termites makes a lot of sense. Good home health goes a long way, essentially.

Here are some great tips on Prevention (from the Virgina Cooperative Extension)

We are going to put these pieces in place – but, we are trying to decide how serious the current problem is.

According to the UC Davis Pest Notes, Subterranean termites are the most destructive of pests. Eeek!

So, what are our options? At the Virgina Cooperative Extension, they sum it up as:

  1. Liquid Termiticide Application – essentially, treating the soil.
  2. Baiting – essentially, laying traps, which targets the termites themselves.
  3. Argentine ants or biological control elements.

As we are most concerned about our environmental impact on our land, it sounds like the Baiting is probably the way to go.

Professional Termite Baiting Systems


  • Baits are very environmentally friendly because there is considerably less active ingredient put into the environment compared to the hundreds of gallons of diluted insecticide used in liquid treatments.
  • Termite baits are ideal for use around structures inhabited by persons with chemical sensitivity.
  • In situations where the infested structure is within 50 feet of a well or 100 feet of a body of water, termite baits may be the only treatment option.


  • There are no means of coaxing termites into stations that are being monitored so it may take months before baiting can begin.
  • Termite baiting systems when used alone do not protect the structure directly. Termites feeding within the structure will continue to do so until the colony is eliminated or they are controlled with an above ground station.
  • Professional baiting systems are generally more expensive than barrier treatments because of the monthly inspections.

This is a direct excerpt from the Virgina Cooperative Extension pest control notes.

So, what is our Greening Gumview plan of attack? Stay tuned for To Fumigate or Not to Fumigate, Part 3.

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